...Unsaid is unsayable ...

...Unsaid is unsayable ...
Drawing: Suryashekhar

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Bald heads forgetful of their sins'

'Bald heads forgetful of their sins'

A  Sanskrit sloka (verse) says "Swadeshe pujyate raja, vidyan sarvatra pujyate" - roughly that means that a king, here synonymous to a wealthy person, is praised only by a few people either out of fear or only by his danglers. Bbut a man of wisdom is praised everywhere. Now the question is who is a real "vidyan", a man of wisdom?
Is  it so that a man with a lot of University degrees is wise?
Or a monk or a saint is only wise? Or ...
 I really don't know the answer but for me the example of wise man is Iswarchandra Vidya Sagar.
 (For my non Bengali and Non Indian friends here is the link that says a bit about him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishwar_Chandra_Vidyasagar).
His name was " Iswarchandra Bandyapadhyya" and he received the title "Vidyasagar" (in sanskrit vidya means knowledge and sagar means ocean, i.e., Ocean of knowledge) from Sanskrit College, Calcutta (from where he graduated), due to his excellent performance in Sanskrit studies and philosophy.
But does that makes him a real wise man for me ? No.
Does his contributions to Bengal renaissance makes him a real wise man for me ? No.
Then here is the 'story' about him:
Once his mother, asked him to come home early from his office for some reason. That day he was busy with work and when he came to the ferry-ghat it was too late and the night was also a stormy one. So there was no boat to take him to the other side of the river Damodar. It is said that in that stormy night Vidyasagar crossed the river by swimming. Now the river might not be Damorar, a fierce river, that night might not be that stormy - but that much is a fact that for obeying his mother he crossed some river by swimming.

I'm sure without that devotion towards his mother or parents or his root he could have received a lot of degrees, even the title "Vidyasagar" but never would have become the master mind of Bengal renaissance.

Gone are those days. Now 'scholar' means a bunch of degrees with no morality, no sense of duty, no devotion to parents, no attraction to his root. Now knowledge means information ( as rightly said by Eliot) and 'scholar' means a person who accumulated a lot of those 'knowledge' (  'Bald heads forgetful of their sins' - The Scholars, W.B. Yeats).

Thus we come across with people with great University degrees or great salaries who cannot find time to attend  the father in his death bed as he was 'tied up with important project' in Switzerland and finally the father dies with his old wife ( the 'scholar's mother) by his side. Then another non-scholar friend arranges funeral for the 'scholar's father.
Another 'scholar', who lost his mother long back was so attentive to his father that he kept his father at his native under the supervision of a 'trusted' nurse maid. But at the time of death neither the 'scholar' nor the 'trusted' nurse maid was around. The old man dies unattended and one full night he was like that until next morning the 'scholar' reaches ...
One more 'scholar', knowing his father is in ICU, might die there - ... OK enough of the 'scholars'. Now let me tell you about an 'uneducated' old man of 92 whose profession was to clean coconut trees and thus broke his leg and now turned nearly to a beggar, I asked him, as he impressed me by his songs and views about life, that, does he have any offspring, he replied 'Yes, I have three sons but none of them are my own...'
I asked 'Why?'
' If I really was there father in that case I should not have come here, at your door, for alms...'

Dear 'scholar's, dear 'Bald heads forgetful of your sins', does the 'uneducated' fellows words make any sense to you? I don't know. But that much I know, you, dear 'scholars' will never be able to contribute ANYTHING to human kind and before also 'scholars' like you could not add ANYTHING to the humankind and thus this so called 'civilization' is nothing but a farce ( or fart)  till now.

So my small aim is to try that to keep my offspring away from  you and your path, dear 'scholars'.